Jeckyll Island Seafood Co.

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Name: Jeckyll Island Seafood Co.

Design Style: New World Design

Location: Atlanta, GA

The international traveler who is seeking an experience unique to the costal waterways of Georgia has found her haven. This New World design embraces the yesteryear memories of historic Jekyll Island. Large colorful digital displays define the chic restaurant via use of large projector onto glass panels that pivot for multiple effects. Integrated into this theme is reclaimed driftwood and recycled steel from retired fishing boats. Lighting “ribs” flank the glass walls with internal LED lighting that may be changed upon command. This seafood restaurant will offer the best of Georgia’s seafood and an opportunity to have a Mint Juliep while overlooking the international travelers while perched on a terrace. The design captures more of the earthy, natural side of historic Jekyll Island while tapping the benefits of modern technologies and finishes, state of the art L.E.D. lighting and tensile roof forms as fishing boat metaphoric sails brought to life through the use of projected images from Jekyll Island’s costal waterways. This concept will establish itself as a must-dine destination for the International traveler seeking a uniquely Georgia, USA experience.

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