Juke Joint

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Name: Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

Design Style: Southern Inspired

Size: 8000 sf live entertainment venue

The southern inspired cuisine restaurant evokes a chic, local swagger as a sophisticated,  modern  & festive dining experience  with a reverence for the culture of the historic Juke [Jook] Joints of the 1900-1950’s. The Juke Joint is fast becoming THE must-see venue for live blues, jazz and R & B. The design consists of reclaimed wood flooring, Contemporary lights with a nostalgic tone and multi-color L.E.D. lighting that changes with the day and the rhythms of the music.

Some materials used to create this contemporary rendition of the back-woods, watering holes are: brick, stone, recycled woods and metals, recyclable zinc, corrugated tin, and burlap wall coverings. Seating is smart and comfortable, sturdy light weight aluminum.  A juke box offers patrons an opportunity to play their favorite tunes from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or their favorite genre.

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